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A not-for-profit organisation with the mission of getting 100m people to put at least $1 into DeFi by 2025.

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Help us take DeFi mainstream.

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Members Include:

More Than Just A Member.
Level Up Your GoodFi.

Become an Advisor.

An advisor is willing to commit themselves or their team to spending time and effort to make GoodFi’s goal a reality.

You will participate in GoodFi’s forum for marketing ideas, explore the best ways to leverage community activism, and help map out potential paths for DeFi to get from here to 100 million users.

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Become a Trailblazer.

Every quarter the GoodFi alliance will run a Google Ventures Design Sprint to gain direct insights into mainstream users.

This requires the dedication of a full week of eight-hour days with no interruptions. It’s like an extended hackathon (without coding) in which an idea will be explored, storyboarded, executed AND tested.

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Become an Educator.

Expand the cult of crypto! Help explain the how and why of crypto in simple terms. DeFi is a mission few understand yet.

The learning curve is steep, the amount of assumed knowledge is high and we often forget what it is like to be a new user. Lets work on improving that together. What "get started" would you want to exist?

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Additional Member Benefits


When goes fully live, so does marketing for our GoodFi partners.


Want to bring more users to your dApp? Growing market awareness maximises the potential growth of your application.


GoodFi is ultimately about getting more dollars into DeFi. The more users, the more dollars in the ecosystem, and the larger your potential market becomes.


GoodFi is committed to running design sprints devised to get user insights directly from the target market and DeFi’s potential users.


GoodFi will fund research into key topics around expansion of DeFi’s user base, including exploring the biggest blockers to new users entering DeFi today.


As we build out the GoodFi website as the source of product information and education for the mass market, your products will be highlighted alongside other major initiatives.

Let's Get The Revolution Started.

If you believe that DeFi is the movement of the financial revolution and it is only a matter of telling the world about it: then join us.

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